2 / rANk; rANk/ adj
(a) (of plants, etc) growing too thickly; over-luxuriant (指植物等)生长过盛的; 过於繁茂的: rank grass, ivy, etc 蔓生的杂草﹑ 常春藤等 * roses that grow rank 过於茂盛的玫瑰. (b) ~ (with sth) (of land) full of or likely to produce many weeds (指土地)长满杂草的, 易生杂草的: rank soil, earth, etc 杂草滋生的土壤﹑ 土地等 * a field rank with nettles and thistles 一块长满荨?和大蓟的土地.
smelling or tasting bad; offensive 气味或味道不好的; 讨厌的: rank tobacco 呛人的烟叶 * the rank stench of rotting meat 腐肉的臭味.
[attrib 作定语] (esp derog 尤作贬义) complete and utter; unmistakable 完全的; 不折不扣的: a rank traitor, lie 十足的卖国贼﹑ 谎言 * rank insolence, stupidity, injustice, etc 极端的无礼﹑ 愚蠢﹑ 不公等 * The winning horse was a rank outsider. 获胜的马是一匹完全不起眼儿的冷门马. > rankly adv. rankness n [U].