1 / 5rAlI; `rAlI/ v (pt, pp rallied)
(a) [I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (round/to sb/sth); ~ (round) (of people) come together, esp to make new efforts, eg after a defeat or when there is danger, need, etc (指人)集合起来(尤指重新努力, 如失败後或有危险﹑ 需要等时): The troops rallied (round their leader/the flag). 部队重新集结(在指挥官[旗帜]周围). * They rallied to their leader's cause. 他们团结一致支持领袖的事业. * When their mother was ill, the children all rallied round. 母亲生病时, 孩子们都来到她身旁. (b) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sb (round sb); ~ sb (together) bring (people) together in this way (重新)召集(人): The leader rallied his men (round him). 指挥官重新集结其部属.
[I, Tn] (cause sb/sth to) recover health, strength, etc; revive; rouse (使某人[某事物])恢复健康﹑ 力量等; 复苏; 振作: rally from an illness 康复 * Her spirits rallied on hearing the good news. 她听到这好消息精神又振作起来. * The team rallied after the first half. 该队在上半场过後士气大增.
[I] (of share prices, etc) increase after a fall (指股票价格等)跌後回升.
> rally n
1 [sing] act of rallying 集合; 集结; 重整: Bugler, sound the rally! 司号兵, 吹集合号!
2 [C] large gathering of people with a common (usu political) purpose (具有共同目的的人们参加的, 通常为政治性的)群众大会: a party rally 政党集会 * hold/stage a`peace rally 举行拥护和平的群众大会.
3 [sing] recoveryof health, strength, etc, eg after an illness; revival (健康﹑ 力量等的)恢复, 康复; 复苏: an unexpected rally (ie increase in the price) of tin shares on the Stock Market 股票市场上锡股价格的意外回升.
4 [C] (in tennis, squash, etc) series of strokes before a point is scored (网球﹑ 壁球等)得分前的连续对打: a fifteen-stroke rally 连续对打了十五下.
5 [C] driving competition for motor vehicles over public roads 公路赛车.