/ reId; red/ n ~ (on sth) 1 sudden surprise attack and withdrawal by troops, ships or aircraft (部队﹑ 舰艇或飞机的)突袭, 突击: make/launch a bombing raid (ie by aircraft) on enemy bases 对敌方基地进行突然的空袭.
sudden surprise attack in order to steal or do harm (突如其来的)抢劫, 行凶: an armed raid 持械抢劫 * A security guard was killed in the bank raid. 这次银行劫案中有一名保安员遇害.
sudden surprise visit by the police, etc, eg to arrest people or seize illicit goods (警方等的)突然搜查或搜捕(如为捕人或搜寻违禁品): carry out a dawn raid 破晓时进行的搜捕 * a police drugs raid 警方进行的毒品搜查.
(finance 财) attempt by a group of people to lower eg share prices by selling at the same time (为使价格如股价下跌)集体抛售.
> raid v [Tn] make a raid on (a place) 对(某处)进行突然袭击﹑ 抢劫或搜查: Customs men raided the house. 海关人员突然搜查了这所房子. * (fig 比喻) raid the larder, ie take food from it, usu between meals 翻柜橱找吃的(通常指两顿饭之间) * boys raiding an orchard, ieto steal fruit 在果园里偷水果的男孩子. raider n person, ship, aircraft, etc that makes a raid 进行袭击﹑ 抢劫或搜捕的人; 进行突袭的舰艇﹑ 飞机等.