/ reIdV; redV/ n
[U, C] (a) (fit of) violent anger (一阵)狂怒; 盛怒(之爆发): trembling with rage 气得直哆嗦 * white/livid with rage 气得脸色发白[发青] * be in/fly into a (towering) rage 勃然大怒 * Her rages don't last long. 她发脾气很快就消气. (b) (fig 比喻) (instance of) violence in nature 大自然的狂暴: The storm's rage continued. 暴风雨肆虐不已.
(idm 习语) all the fashion/rage => fashion.
> rage v
1 (a) [I, Ipr] ~ (at/against sb/sth) show violent anger 大发脾气; 动怒: He raged against me for disagreeing. 他因我有异议对我大发雷霆. * I raged for hours at the decision. 我对这个决定几小时怒不可遏. (b) [I] (of storms, fires, battles, etc) continue violently (指暴风雨﹑ 火势﹑ 战斗等)猛烈地继续下去.
2 [I, Ipr] (esp of illnesses) spread rapidly (尤指疾病)迅速蔓延: A flu epidemic raged through the school for weeks. 流感在这所学校里蔓延了几个星期.
raging adj [attrib 作定语] extreme or painful 极端的; 痛苦的: raging hunger, thirst, passion 极其饿﹑ 渴﹑ 热情 * have a raging headache, toothache, etc 头痛﹑ 牙痛...已极.