/ 5reIdB:(r); `redBr/ n [U] (a) system for detecting the presence, position or movement of solid objects within its range by sending out short radio waves which they reflect 雷达: locate an aircraft by radar 用雷达测定一飞机的位置. (b) equipment used for this 雷达装置: Enemy ships were detected on the radar (screen). 敌舰的影像已显现在雷达(屏幕)上. * [attrib 作定语] a radar operator, installation, scanner 雷达手﹑ 设备﹑ 扫描天线. Cf 参看 sonar.
# `radar trap (also `speed trap) section of road where the police use a radar device to detect vehicles travelling faster than the speed limit 雷达监测路段(警方用雷达装置监测超速车辆的路段).