1 / rAk; rAk/ n
(often in compounds 常用以构成复合词) framework, usu with bars or pegs, for holding things or for hanging things on (放东西或挂东西用的)架子: a `plate-rack 盘碟架 * a `wine-rack, ie for holding wine bottles 酒瓶架 * a `toast-rack 面包片架 * a `hat-rack 帽架.
type of shelf for light luggage, coats, etc over the seats of a bus, train, plane, etc (公共汽车﹑ 火车﹑ 飞机等座位上方放置轻便行李﹑ 衣物等的)行李架: a `luggage-rack 行李架.
rod, bar or rail with teeth or cogs, into which those of a wheel, gear, etc fit 齿条; 齿板; 齿轨: a `steering rack, eg on a cable car 转向齿条(如缆车上的). Cf 参看 pinion2.
# `rack-railway (also esp US cog-railway) n railway that has a cogged central rail with which a cogged wheel on the train engages to drive the train up a steep slope 齿轨铁道(设有带齿的中轨, 与列车带齿的车轮啮合, 将列车送上陡坡).