/ 5rAbIt; `rAbIt/ n
[C] small burrowing animal of the hare family with long ears and a short furry tail 兔; 兔子. =>illus at App 1 见附录 1插图, page iii. Cf 参看 hare.
[U] (a) its fur 兔的毛皮: gloves lined with rabbit 兔毛衬里的手套. (b) its flesh used as meat (食用的)兔肉: [attrib 作定语] rabbit pie 兔肉馅饼.
[C] (Brit infml 口) poor player of a game, esp tennis 竞技活动(尤指网球)的蹩脚运动员.
> rabbit v
1 [Ipr, Ip] ~ on (about sb/sth) (infmlderog 口, 贬) talk lengthily or in a rambling and pointless way 冗长地或信口开河﹑ 无针对性地谈: What are you rabbiting on about? 你在胡诌些什麽?
2 [I] (usu 通常作 go rabbiting) hunt rabbits 去猎兔.
rabbity adj like a rabbit in appearance, smell or taste (外貌﹑ 气味或味道)像兔子一般的.
# `rabbit-hutch n wooden cage for rabbits (木制)兔笼, 兔棚.
`rabbit punch sharp blow made with the edge of the hand on the back of sb's neck (用掌边对某人颈背的)重击.
`rabbit-warren n (a) area of land full of connected burrows made by wild rabbits 野兔繁殖区(有野兔挖的相接的洞穴). (b) (fig usu derog 比喻, 通常作贬义) building or district full of narrow winding passages 有许多弯曲狭窄通道的建筑物或地方.