/ kwEU5teIFn; kwo`teFEn/ n
[U] quoting or being quoted (对他人语言或文字的)引用, 引述, 引证: Support your argument by quotation. 引用他人的话来支持你的论点.
(also infml 口语作 quote) [C] group of words taken from a book, play, speech, etc and used again, usu by sb other than the original author 语录; 引文; 引用语: a dictionary of quotations 语录汇编 * She finished her speech with a quotation from Shakespeare. 她讲话结束时引用了莎士比亚的语录. =>App 3 见附录3.
[C] (statement of the) current price of stocks or commodities 行情; 牌价: the latest quotations from the Stock Exchange 股票交易所的最新行情.
(also infml 口语作 quote) [C] estimate of the likely cost of a piece of work 估价; 报价: The insurance company requires three quotations for repairs to the car. 保险公司要三家修理这辆汽车的报价单. Cf 参看 estimate1 2.
# quo`tation-marks (also quotes) n [pl] pair ofpunctuation marks (`' or ``'') used at the beginning andend of words that are being quoted 引号(‘’或??).=>App 3 见附录3. Cf 参看 inverted commas (invert).