2 / 5kwestFEn; `kwZstFEn/ v
[Tn] ask (sb) a question or questions 问(某人)问题: They questioned her closely about her friendship with the dead man. 他们仔细查问她与死者的情谊. * I was questioned by the police for six hours. 警方把我盘问了六个小时. * I'd like to question you on your views about the housing problem. 我想问问你对住房问题的看法.
[Tn, Tw] express or feel doubt about (sth) 对(某事物)表示或感到怀疑: Her sincerity has never been questioned. 她的诚意从未受到怀疑. * Do you question my right to read this? 你是否怀疑我无权看这份材料? * We must question the value of our link with the university. 我们要斟酌一下与这所大学联系有何价值. * I seriously question whether we ought to continue. 我真正怀疑我们是否应该继续下去.
> questionable adj that can be doubted; not certainly true or advisable or honest 有问题的; 可疑的; 不见得真实的; 不太可取的; 不一定诚实的: Such a questionable assertion is sure to provoke criticism. 这种有问题的主张肯定会招致非议. * an object of questionable value, usefulness, authenticity 价值﹑ 用途﹑ 真实性有问题的物件. questionably / -EblI; -EblI/ adv.
questioner n person who asks questions, esp in a broadcast programme or a public debate 问问题的人; (尤指广播节目或公开辩论中的)发问者.
questioningly adv using a questioning gesture ortone of voice 表示怀疑地: She looked at me questioningly.她用怀疑的目光看着我.