1 / 5kwestFEn; `kwZstFEn/ n
[C] form of expression in speech or writing that requests an answer from sb 问题: ask a lot of questions 问很多问题 * Question 3 is quite difficult. 第3个问题很难. * I will be happy to answer questions at the end. 我愿在最後回答一些问题. * I'd like to put a question to the speaker. 我想向发言者提一个问题.
[C] topic that is being or needs to be discussed; problem that needs to be solved 议题; 难题: What about the question of security? 安全的问题怎麽办? * We have to consider the question of where to sleep. 我们得考虑在何处安歇的问题. * The question of choosing a successor has arisen. 挑选後继人的问题已经提出.
[U] raising of doubt 质疑: There is no/some question about his honesty. 他的诚实没有[有些]问题. * Her sincerity is beyond question. 她态度诚恳, 毋庸置疑. * His suitability for the post is open to question. 对这一职位他是否适宜很成问题.
(idm 习语) beg the question=> beg. bring sth/come into `question (cause sth to) be discussed or considered as a matter of importance (使某事物)被讨论, 被考虑: My promotion brings into question the status of certain other members of staff. 提升我後某些职员的地位就成了问题. call sth in/into `question express doubt about sth 对某事物表示怀疑: His moral standards have been called into question. 他的道德标准令人生疑. a fair question => fair1. in `question being considered or discussed 正被考虑或讨论: The woman in question is sitting over there. 提到的那个女的就在那里坐着呢. * The job in question is available for three months only. 所谈到的这一工作空缺为时仅三个月. it is a question of what is really involved is 问题在於: It isn't a question of whether we can afford a holiday I'm just too busy at the moment. 问题倒不是我们是否有钱度假--而是目前我实在太忙了. * She is so talented that her success can only be a question of time. 她才华横溢, 事业成功只是时间问题.a loaded question => load2. a moot point/question=> moot. out of the `question not worth discussing; impossible 不值得讨论的; 不可能的: Missing school to watch the football match is out of the question. 为看足球比赛而旷课, 那可不行. * A new bicycle is out of the question we can't afford it. 买新自行车的事谈不到--我们买不起. pop the question => pop4. a/the sixty-four thousand dollar question => dollar.there is some/no question of there is a/no possibility of 有[没有]...的可能性: There was some question of selling the business. 有可能将公司转让. * There will be no question of anyone being made redundant. 决不可能裁掉任何人. a vexed question => vex.
# `question mark the symbol (?) used in writing aftera question 问号(? ). =>App 3 见附录3. Cf 参看 query 2.`question-master (also `quiz-master) n person who asks the questions in a quiz, esp on TV or radio 测试中问问题的人; (尤指电视或电台中)问答节目主持人.
`question time (Brit) (in the House of Commons) period of time during which ministers answer questions from MPs (下议院中的)质询时间(大臣答覆议员提问的时间).