/ kwest; kwZst/ n (fml or rhet 文或修辞)
~ (for sth) act of seeking sth; search or pursuit 寻求; 寻找; 搜索; 追求: the quest for gold, knowledge, happiness 勘探黄金﹑ 寻求知识﹑ 追求幸福.
(idm 习语) in quest of sth trying to find sth; seeking sth 试图找到某事物; 寻求某事物: She had come in quest of advice. 她曾来徵求意见.
> quest v [I, Ipr] ~ (for sth) (fml or rhet 文或修辞) try to find sth; search 试图找到某事物; 搜索: His questing fingers found the light switch. 他用手指摸到了灯的开关. * continue to quest for clues 继续寻找线索.