1 / p\:s; p[s/ n
[C] small bag for money (formerlyclosed by drawing strings together and now usu with a clasp) 小钱袋, 小钱包(旧时用绳抽拢袋口, 现多用扣合起): a leather/plastic purse 皮的[塑料的]钱包 * Her purse was stolen from her handbag. 她的钱包放在手提包里被人偷走了. Cf 参看 wallet.
[sing] money available for spending; funds or resources 备用款; 资金; 财源: the public purse 国库 * the privy Purse 国王私用金.
[C] sum of money collected and given as a gift or prize (为用作礼物或奖金而筹集的)款项: a purse of 50000, eg for the winner of a boxing match 筹集得50000英镑的奖金(如为颁赠拳击赛获胜者).
[C] (US) handbag 女用手提包.
(idm 习语) hold the `purse-strings have control of spending 控制开支: I can't offer you any more money because I don't hold the purse-strings. 我不能再多给你钱了, 因为我在经济上做不了主. loosen/tighten the `purse-strings increase/reduce expenditure 增加[紧缩]开支.