/ 5p\:pEs; `p[pEs/ n
[C] thing that one intends to do, get, be, etc; intention 目的; 意图: What is the purpose of the meeting? 这会议的目的是什麽? * What is your purpose in going to Canada? 你到加拿大干什麽去? * Getting rich seems to be her only purpose in life. 她生活的唯一目的似乎是发财.
[U] (fml 文) ability to form plans and carry them out; determination 意志; 毅力; 决心: Her approach to the job lacks purpose. 她干这项工作缺乏毅力.
(idm 习语) for practical purposes => practical. on `purpose not by accident; intentionally 并非偶然地; 故意地: `Did he break it accidentally?' `No, on purpose.' ‘他是无意中损坏的吗?’‘不, 是故意的.’ * She seems to do these things on purpose. 她似乎是有意地做这些事. serve one's/the `purpose (fml 文) do what is necessary or required: be satisfactory 适合需要; 适合要求; 令人满意: We have found a meeting-place that will serve our purpose. 我们找到了一个很合适的会址. to little/no/some `purpose (fml 文) with little/no/some result or effect 几乎徒劳地[毫无成效地/有一定效果地]: Money has been invested in the scheme to very little purpose. 资金已投入那计画中却几无成效.
> purpose v [Tt, Tg] (dated 旧) intend 有意; 打算: They purpose making/to make a further attempt. 他们有意做进一步的尝试.
purposeful / -fl; -fEl/ adj having or showing determinationor will-power; resolute 有决心的; 有毅力的; 坚定的; 果 断的: They dealt with the problem in a purposeful way. 他们处理这问题很果断. purposefully / -fElI; -fElI/ adv: He strode purposefully into the meeting. 他迈着坚定的步伐走进会场.
purposeless adj without (a) purpose 毫无目的的; 缺乏毅力的; 没有决心的: a purposeless existence 毫无目的的生活. purposelessly adv.
purposely adv on purpose; intentionally 故意地; 蓄意地: He was accused of purposely creating difficulties. 有人指责他故意制造麻烦.
# ,purpose-`built adj (esp Brit) made for a particular purpose 特地建造的: a ,purpose-built `factory 特地兴建的工厂.