/ pjUE(r); pjJr/ adj (in senses 1b, 1c, 2 and 4 用於下述第1b﹑ 1c﹑ 2﹑ 4义时比较级作 -r, -st / 5pjUErE(r),5pjUErIst; `pjJrL, `pjJrIst/)
(a) not mixed with any other substance 纯的; 纯净的; 纯粹的: pure cotton, gold, silk, wool, etc 纯棉﹑ 纯金﹑ 纯丝﹑ 纯毛 * The room was painted pure white. 这房间漆成了纯白色. * (fig 比喻) pure bliss, happiness, etc 极乐﹑ 至福. (b) without harmful substances; clean or unadulterated 无有害物质的; 洁净的; 不搀杂的: pure water 洁净的水 * The air is so pure in these mountains. 这些山区里的空气格外清新. (c) [usu attrib 通常作定语] of unmixed origin or race 血统纯的; 纯种的: She has pure gypsy blood in her veins. 她血管里流的是纯吉普赛人的血液. * He is a pure Red Indian. 他是血统纯正的北美印第安人.
without evil or sin, esp sexual sin; virtuous, chaste 无邪的; 清白的; 有操守的; (尤指)贞洁的: (rhet 修辞) pure in body and mind 身心纯洁 * pure thoughts 纯洁的思想 * a pure young girl 纯真无邪的年轻姑娘 * keep oneself pure 洁身自好 * His motives were pure. 他的动机很单纯.
[attrib 作定语] nothing but; mere or sheer 单纯的; 仅仅的; 完全的: They met by pure accident. 他们的相见纯属偶然. * pure folly, extravagance, nonsense 愚蠢透顶﹑ 十足的浪费﹑ 一派胡言 * do sth out of pure kindness, malice, mischief, etc 完全出於好意﹑ 恶意﹑ 戏弄人的动机等而做某事 * It was pure chance that I was there. 我刚巧在那儿.
(of sound) clear and unwavering (指声音)清晰的, 不发颤的: a pure note, voice, etc 纯音﹑ 纯正的嗓音.
[attrib 作定语] (fml 文) dealing with or studied for the sake of theory only; without practical application 纯理论的; 非实用的: pure mathematics 理论数学 * pureart, ie art created for its own sake, and not for decoration,eg painting, sculpture, etc 纯艺术(为艺术而艺术而不以装饰为目的, 如绘画﹑ 雕塑等). Cf 参看 applied (apply).
(idm 习语) (as) pure as the driven snow extremely pure(2) 纯真无邪的; 玉洁冰清. ,pure and `simple (infml 口) (used after the n referred to 用於所指名词之後) and nothing else; sheer 纯粹的; 十足的: It's laziness, pure and simple. 这纯粹是懒惰. * The reason for the change is lack of money, pure and simple. 进行更改的原因就是缺少经费.
> purely adv merely or entirely 纯粹地; 仅仅; 完全地: purely by accident 纯属偶然 * He bought it purely as an investment. 他纯粹是作为投资而购买的.
pureness n [U] = purity.
# `pure-bred adj, n = thoroughbred.