1 / pQntF; pQntF/ n
(a) tool or machine for cutting holes in leather, metal, paper, etc 打孔器; 穿孔机; 冲床. (b) tool for forcing nails beneath a surface or bolts out of holes 压钉器.
tool for stamping designs on surfaces 压印器; 冲头; 戳子.
> punch v
1 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (in sth) make (a hole) in sth with a punch1(1a); perforate sth 打(孔); 给某物穿孔: punch a train ticket 在火车票上打孔 * punch holes in a sheet of metal 在金属板上冲孔.
2 (phr v)punch (sb) in/out (US) = clock (sb) in/out (clock2).`punch card (also `punched card) card on which information is recorded by punching holes in it, used for giving instructions or data to a computer, etc 穿孔卡片(以穿孔方法记录信息, 用以向计算机等输入指令或数据).