/ pQb5lIsEtI; pQb`lIsEtI/ n [U]
state of being known to, seen by, etc the public 为公众所知﹑ 所见等之状况: avoid/shun/seek publicity 避免[不愿/一心要]引起公众注意 * Their marriage took place amid a blaze of publicity. 他们举行婚礼轰动一时.
(business of) providing information in order to attract public attention; advertising 宣传(业务); 广告: Her new play has attracted a lot of publicity. 她的新剧作获得广泛宣传. * The publicity for the book was poor and sales were low. 该书宣传工作没有做好, 所以销量不大. * [attrib 作定语] a publicity campaign, ie special effort to publicize and promote sth 宣传运动.
(idm 习语) the glare of publicity => glare2.
# pub`licity agent person whose job is to make a performer, book, play, product, etc successful by informing the public about him or it (推荐表演者﹑ 书籍﹑ 剧作﹑ 产品等的)宣传代理人.