/ prE5vEUk; prE`vok/ v
(a) [Tn] make (sb) angry or annoyed 激怒(某人); 惹(某人)气恼: I am not easily provoked, but this behaviour is intolerable! 我这人不爱生气, 但是这种行为使人忍无可忍! * If you provoke the dog, it will bite you. 你招惹那条狗, 它会咬你的. (b) [Tn.pr, Cn.t] ~ sb into doing sth/to do sth cause sb to react to sth esp by making him angry 使某人对某事物作出反应(尤指使用刺激手段): His behaviour finally provoked her into leaving him. 他把她气得终於离开了他. * He was provoked by their mockery to say more than he had intended. 他受到他们嘲笑恼羞成怒, 说了一些过头的话.
[Tn] cause (sth) to occur or arouse (a feeling, etc) 使(某事物)产生; 引起(某种感情等): provoke laughter, riots, smiles, violence 引起大笑﹑ 暴乱﹑ 微笑﹑ 暴力行为.
> provoking adj (dated or fml 旧或文) annoying 气人的; 恼人的: It is very provoking of her to be so late. 她到得这麽晚真叫人生气.