/ prE5tektIv; prE`tZktIv/ adj
[esp attrib 尤作定语] that protects or is intended to protect 保护的; 防护的; 意在保护或防护的: a protective layer of varnish 一层保护清漆 * Workers who handle asbestos need to wear protective clothing. 接触石棉的工人需穿防护衣. * wearing protective headgear on a motor cycle 骑摩托车时戴保护头盔 * pro,tective `colouring, ie on the bodies of birds, animals and insects, making it difficult for predators to see them (鸟﹑ 兽及昆虫身上之)保护色 * protective duties/tariffs on imported goods 加於进口货物的保护性关税.
~ (towards sb) having or showing a wish to protect 有保护之意愿的; 显示保护之意愿的: A mother naturally feels protective towards her children. 母亲对自己的孩子自然会悉心保护. * He put his arm round her in a protective gesture. 他用一只手臂围住她做出保护的姿势.
> protective n (US) contraceptive sheath; condom 避孕套; 阴茎套.
protectively adv.
# pro,tective `custody keeping a person in prison (supposedly) for his own safety 保护性监禁.