/ prE5pEUz; prE`poz/ v
[Tn, Tf, Tg] offer or put forward (sth) for consideration; suggest 提议, 建议(某事物): The motion (ie for debate) was proposed by Mr X and seconded by Mrs Y. 那动议经X先生提出有Y夫人附议. * The committee proposed that new legislation should be drafted. 委员会建议着手起草新法规. Cf 参看 second3 2.
[Tn, Tt, Tg] have (sth) as one's plan or intention; intend 打算, 计画(某事物); 意欲: I propose an early start/to make an early start/making an early start tomorrow. 我打算明天早早出发.
[I, Ipr, Tn, Dn.pr] ~ (sth) (to sb) suggest or offer marriage (to sb), esp formally (向某人)求婚(尤指正式地): He was trying to decide whether he should propose (to her). 他反覆思量是否该(向她)求婚. * He had proposed marriage, unsuccessfully, twice already. 他已经两次求婚, 均未成功.
[Tn.pr, Cn.n/a] ~ sb for sth; ~ sb as sth put forward (sb/sb's name) for an office, membership of a club, etc; nominate sb 推荐(某人)(担任某职﹑ 成为某俱乐部之成员等); 提名某人: propose him for membership of the society 推荐他为协会会员 * I propose Mary Davies as a candidate for the presidency. 我提名玛丽?戴维斯为总裁候选人.
(idm 习语) propose sb's `health/a `toast ask people to drink to sb's health and happiness 提议为某人的健康和幸福而乾杯: I should like to propose a toast to the bride and bridegroom. 我提议为新娘新郎的幸福乾杯.
> proposer n person who proposes (esp a motion, a candidate for office, etc) 提议人; 建议人; (尤指)提出动议者, 推荐者. Cf 参看 seconder (second3).