/ prE5pR:FEnl; prE`pRrFEnl/ adj ~ (to sth) (fml 文) corresponding in size, amount or degree (to sth); in the correct proportion (与某事物在大小﹑ 数量或程度上)相称的, 成比例的: Payment will be proportional to the amount of work done. 酬金将与工作量成比例. > proportionally / -FEnElI; -FnElI/ adv.
# pro,portional ,represen`tation (abbr 缩写 PR) electoral system that gives each party a number of seats in proportion to the number of votes its candidates receive 比例代表制(按各政党候选人所得票数之比例分配席位的选举制度). Cf 参看 first past the post (first1).