2 / 5prCmIs; `prBmIs/ v
[I, Tn, Tf, Tt, Dn.n, Dn.pr, Dn.f] ~ sth (to sb) make a promise (to sb); assure (sb) that one will give or do or not do sth (向某人)许诺; 答应(某人)给予某物﹑ 做或不做某事: I can't promise, but I'll do my best. 我不能保证做到, 但我一定尽力而为. * He has promised a thorough investigation into the affair. 他已答应彻查此事. * `Do you promise faithfully to pay me back?' `Yes, I promise.'‘你能切实保证把钱退还给我吗?’‘是的, 我保证.’ * I have promised myself a quiet weekend. 我打算过个清静的周末. * She promised me her help. 她答应过帮助我. * The firm promised a wage increase to the workers/promised the workers a wage increase. 公司答应给工人增加工资. * She promised me (that) she would be punctual. 她向我保证一定准时. * `Promise (me) you won't forget!' `I promise.' ‘你可得答应我你别忘了!’‘我答应你.’
[Tn, Tt] make (sth) seem likely 使(某事物)很有可能: The clouds promise rain. 阴云预示有雨. * It promises to be warm this afternoon. 今天下午可望转暖.
(idm 习语) I (can) `promise you (infml 口) I assure you 我向你保证: You won't regret it, I promise you. 我包你满意. promise (sb) the `earth/`moon (infml 口) make extravagant or rash promises that one is unlikely to be able to keep 作不切实际的或轻率的许诺: Politicians promise the earth before an election, but things are different once they are in power. 政治家在选举前空口许愿, 一旦上台就根本不是那麽回事了. the promised `land (a) (in the Bible) the fertile country promised to the Israelites by God; Canaan (《圣经》)上帝许给以色列人的肥沃土地, 迦南. (b) any place or situation in which one expects to find happiness and security 期望中的乐土或安乐境界. promise `well seem likely to give good results 可望产生良好结果; 大有希望: The new sales policy promises well. 新的销售办法可望取得良好效果.
> promising adj (a) likely to do well; full of promise1 (3)有出息的; 有前途的: a promising young pianist 有前途的青年钢琴家. (b) indicating future success or good results; hopeful 大有可为的; 有希望的: The results of the first experiments are very promising. 第一次实验的结果充满了希望. * It's a promising sign. 这是个很好的迹象. promisingly adv.