1 / 5prCmIs; `prBmIs/ n
[C] ~ (of sth) written or spoken declaration that one will give or do or not do sth 承诺; 许诺; 诺言; 保证书: We received manypromises of help. 许多人答应帮助我们. * break/carry out/fulfil/give/keep/make a promise 违背诺言[履行诺言/实现诺言/给予保证/遵守诺言/作出允诺] * I told him the truth under a promise of secrecy. 我在他答应保守秘密之後把真相告诉了他. * I shall keep you/hold you to your promise. 我得让你遵守诺言. * `I'll come and see you soon.' `Is that a promise?' ‘我不久再来看你.’‘这话算数吗?’
[C, U] ~ of sth indication that sth may be expected to come or occur; likelihood or hope of sth 可指望出现或发生某事物的迹象; 可能性; 希望: There is a promise of better weather tomorrow. 明天天气可能更好. * There seems little promise of success for the expedition. 看来这次探险的成功希望不大.
[U] indication of future success or good results 将获得成就﹑ 成果或成绩的迹象: Her work/She shows great promise. 她的作品[]大有前途. * a scholarship for young musicians of promise 为有发展前途的青年音乐家提供的奖学金.
(idm 习语) a lick and a promise => lick n.