/ prE5dVekFn; prE`dVZkFEn/ n
(a) [U] projecting or being projected 计画; 设计; 投掷; 发射; 投射; 投影放映; 突出; 推断: the projection of images on a screen 影像在屏幕上的投影 * film projection 影片放映 * the projection of one's feelings onto others 把自己的感情投射给别人 * the projection of a missile through the air 导弹的发射升空. (b) [C] thing that is projected, esp a mental image viewed as reality (制定的)规画; (尤指)设想, 设计.
[C] thing that juts out from a surface 凸出物: a projection of rock on a cliff-face 悬崖表面凸出的岩石.
[C] representation of the surface of the earth on a plane surface (地图)投影图.
[C] estimate of future situations or trends, etc based on a study of present ones 对未来形势的估计; 预测; 推断: sales projections for the next financial year 对下一财政年度销售情况的预测.
> projectionist / -FEnIst; -FEnIst/ n person whose job is to project films onto a screen, esp in a cinema 电影放映员(尤指电影院的).
# pro`jection room room (esp in a cinema) from which films are projected onto a screen 放映室(尤指电影院的).