/ prE5gresIv; prE`^rZsIv/ adj
making a continuous forward movement 前进的; 进步的; 有进展的.
increasing steadily or in regular degrees 逐步增加的; 逐级上升的: a progressive disease, ie one that gradually increases in its effect 进行性的疾病(逐渐严重) * progressive taxation, ie at rates that increase as the sum taxed increases 累进税 * Her condition is showing aprogressive improvement. 她的情况已逐步改进.
(approv褒) (a) advancing in social conditions or efficiency (社会状况)不断改善的; (效率)不断提高的: a progressive firm, nation 发展中的企业﹑ 国家. (b) favouring or showing rapid progress or reform (主张)进步或改革的; 先进的: progressive schools, views 先进的学校﹑ 进步的观点 * a progressive education policy 革新的教育政策 * a progressive political party 进步的政党.
> progressive n person who supports a progressive(3b) policy or adopts progressive methods 支持进步的政策或采用进步的方法的人; 进步人士; 改革派人士.
progressively adv increasingly; by degrees 逐渐地; 逐步地: His eyesight is becoming progressively worse. 他的视力越来越差.
progressiveness n [U].
# progressive `tense (also continuous `tense) (grammar) any of the verb tenses which express action that continues over a period of time, using the -ing form, as in `I am/was/will be/have been writing' 进行时态(动词时态, 表示某一期间持续的动作, 使用-ing形式, 如I am/was/will be/have been writing中者): the present progressive tense 现在进行时态.