(US program) / 5prEUgrAm; [email protected] -grEm;`pro^rEm/ n
broadcast item (eg a play, discussion or documentary) (广播或电视)节目(如戏剧﹑ 讨论或纪实): There is an interesting programme on television tonight. 今晚有个好看的电视节目. * They're putting on a programme about/on wine-making. 他们正推出一个介绍酿酒方法的节目.
plan of what is (intended) to be done 工作计画; 活动安排; 行动方案: a political programme 政治纲领 * What's (on) the programme for (ie What are we going to do) tomorrow? 明天安排了什麽活动? * launch a programme to redevelop the inner cities 提出一项改建市中心区的方案.
(a) (notice or list of a) series of items in a concert, on a course of study, etc (音乐会等的)节目单, 节目表; 教学大纲; 课程: The programme includes two Mozart sonatas. 节目单中有两首莫扎特的奏鸣曲. * plan a programme of lectures for first-year students 为大学一年级新生拟制教学大纲. (b) (booklet with a) list of the names of the actors in a play, singers in an opera, etc 戏剧演员﹑ 歌剧歌唱演员等的名单; (载有演员阵容的)演出说明书.
> programme (US program) v (-mm-; US also -m-)
1 [usu passive 通常用於被动语态: Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (for sth) make a programme of or for sth; put sth on a programme; plan or arrange sth 编排某事物的节目单; 将某事物编入节目单; 计画或安排某事物: programme a music festival 为音乐会演编排节目 * A trip to the museum is programmed for next Tuesday. 已计画下星期二去参观博物馆.
2 [usu passive 通常用於被动语态: Tn, Cn.t] cause (sb/sth) to do sth or behave in a particular way, esp automatically or in an unthinking way 使(某人[某事物])按预定的步骤进行(尤指自动地或不假思索地): Their early training programmes them to be obedient and submissive. 他们早先受过的教育已把他们训练得俯首帖耳﹑ 唯命是从. * The video is programmed to switch itself on at ten o'clock. 这台录像机已调好在十点钟自动开机. ,programmed `course educational course in which the material to be learnt is presented in small, carefully graded, amounts 程序教程(一种以循序渐进的方法施教的课程). ,programmed `learning self-instruction using a programmed course 程序学习(按程序教程循序渐进的自学方式).
# `programme music music intended to suggest a story, picture, etc 标题音乐(旨在以音乐表现某情节﹑ 图像等).
`programme note short description or explanation in a programme(3b) of a musical work, a play, an actor's career, etc (演出说明书中对音乐﹑ 戏剧作品﹑ 演员经历等的)简介.