/ prE5fes; prE`fZs/ v (fml 文)
[Tn, Tf, Tt, Cn.a] claim (sth), often falsely 声称, 自称, 伪称, 妄称(某事物): I don't profess expert knowledge of/to be an expert in this subject. 我并不自诩对这一问题内行[是这一问题的专家]. * She professed total ignorance of the matter. 她自称对那事一无所知. * He professed that he knew nothing about the plot. 他声称对该阴谋毫不知情.
[Tn, Cn.a] state openly that one has (a belief, feeling, etc) 公开表明(信仰﹑ 感情等): They professed optimism about the outcome. 他们对结果表示乐观. * He professed himself satisfied with the progress made. 他表明自己对所取得的进步感到满意.
[Tn] (a) publicly declare one's faith in (a religion) 宣布自己的(宗教)信仰: Christians profess their faith when they say the Creed. 基督教徒在念信经时就表明了他们的宗教信仰. (b) have or belong to(the specified religion) 具有, 忠於(某宗教信仰): professIslam 信仰伊斯兰教.
> professed adj [attrib 作定语]
1 (falsely) claimed; alleged 声称的; 自称的; 伪称的; 妄称的; 靠不住的; 所谓的: her professed love of children 她所谓的对孩子们的爱 * She was betrayed by her professed friends and supporters. 她被那些自称是她的朋友和支持她的人出卖了.
2 openly acknowledged by oneself; declared 公开承认的; 公开表明的: a professed Christian 公开表明信仰的基督教徒 * a professed supporter of disarmament 倡言裁军的人.
3 having made religious vows (宗教上)已立誓的, 已受戒的: a professed nun 已立誓终生为修女者. professedly / -IdlI; -IdlI/ adv (fml 文) according to one's own claim (whether true or false) or admission 自称; 自我表明; 自己承认: She is professedly a feminist. 她自称是女权运动者.