/ 9prCdQk5tIvEtI; 9prBdQk`tIvEtI/ n [U]
ability to produce (eg goods or crops); state of being productive 生产力; 生产能力; 多产性: The size of the crop depends on the productivity of the soil. 作物的产量取决於土地的肥沃程度.
efficiency, esp in industry, measured by comparing the amount produced with the time taken or the resources used to produce it 生产率, 生产效率(尤指工业的): The management are looking for ways of improving productivity. 管理部门正在设法提高生产率. * [attrib 作定语] a productivity bonus for workers 发给工人的增产奖.
# produc`tivity agreement agreement between management and unions that the cost of higher wages will be paid for by an increase in productivity (资方与工会订立的)增产协议(生产率提高则工资亦提高).