/ prE5dQktIv; prE`dQktIv/ adj
producing or able to produce goods or crops, esp in large quantities 生产(性)的; 有生产能力的; (尤指)多产的: They work hard, but their efforts are not very productive. 他们很努力, 但效率不太高. * productive farming land, manufacturing methods 肥沃的农田﹑ 富有成效的生产方法 * a productive worker 多产的工作者.
achieving a lot; useful 富有成效的; 有益的: It wasn't a very productivemeeting. 这个会议成效不太大. * I spent a very productivehour in the library. 我在图书馆里这一小时收获很大.
[pred 作表语] ~ of sth (fml 文) resulting in sth; causing sth 造成某种结果; 产生某事物: The changes were not productive of better labour relations. 这些改变并未能使劳资关系获得改善. > productively adv: spend one's time productively 时间用得有成效.