/ prE5kleIm; prE`klem/ v
[Tn, Tf, Tw, Cn.n] make (sth) known officially or publicly; announce 宣告, 公布(某事物); 声明: proclaim the good news 宣布好消息 * proclaim a public holiday 宣布定某日为公众假日 * After its independence India was proclaimed (ie officially declared to be) a republic. 印度独立之後宣布成立共和国.
[Tf, Cn.n] (fml 文) show (sth) clearly; reveal 表明(某事物); 显示: His accent proclaimed him a Scot/that he was a Scot. 他的口音表明他是苏格兰人.
> proclamation / 9prCklE5meIFn; 9prBklE`meFEn/ n
1 [U] action of proclaiming 宣告; 公布; 声明: by public proclamation 公开声明.
2 [C] thing that is proclaimed 公告; 布告; 声明: issue/make a proclamation 发布公告.