1 / 5prEUses; [email protected] 5prCses; `prBsZs/ n
[C] series of actions or operations performed in order to do, make or achieve sth 步骤; 程序; 过程: Unloading the cargo was a slow process. 卸货的过程很缓慢. * Reforming the education system will be a difficult process. 改革教育制度将是一个艰难的过程. * Teaching him Greek was a painful (ie slow and difficult) process. 教他希腊文是很吃力的事.
[C] method, esp one used in industry to make sth 方法; (尤指)工艺流程: the Bessemer process of steel production 贝塞麦炼钢法 * They have developed a new process for rustproofing car bodies. 他们研究出了车身抗?的新方法.
[C] (series of) changes, esp ones that happen naturally and unconsciously 变化(过程)(尤指自然发生的和不知不觉的): the processes of digestion/the digestive processes 消化过程 * the process of growing old 逐渐变老的过程.
[C] (law 律) (a) legal action; lawsuit 诉讼. (b) summons; writ 传票; 法院令状.
[C] (biology 生) small projecting part of a plant or of the body of an animal (动植物体上的)小的凸起部分, 突, 突起.
(idm 习语) in the `process while doing sth previously mentioned 在进行中: I started moving the china ornaments but dropped a vase in the process. 我动手搬那些瓷制饰物, 但在移动时摔了一只花瓶. in the process of sth/doing sth performing a particular task 在从事某任务的过程中: We're still in the process of moving house. 我们还正在搬着家呢.
> process v [Tn]
1 put (a raw material, food, etc) through an industrial or manufacturing process in order to change it; treat 对(原材料﹑ 食物等)进行加工; 处理: process leather to make it softer 鞣制皮革使其变得柔软 * processed cheese, ie specially treated to preserve it经加工的乾酪(以便保存) * process (ie develop) photographic film 冲洗摄影胶片.
2 deal with (a document, etc) officially 审查, 审阅, 处理(文件等): It may take a few weeks for your application to be processed. 审查你的申请书也许要等几个星期.
3 perform operations on (sth) in a computer 用计算机处理(某事物): How fast does the new micro process the data? 这新微型计算机处理数据有多快? processor n machine that processes things 加工机械; 处理机: a food processor 食品加工机. Cf 参看 microprocessor.