/ 5prCblEm; `prBblEm/ n
thing that is difficult to deal with or understand 难以处理的事情; 难以了解的事物; 难题: How do you cope with the problem of poor vision? 怎样解决视力不好这一难题呢? * a knotty problem 错综复杂的事情 * get to the root/heart of a problem 触及问题的根本[核心] * We've got a problem with the car it won't start! 我们的汽车出故障了--发动不起来! * You'll have to mend that leak or it will cause problems later. 你得修补那个裂缝, 不然以後会出问题. * the housing problem in the inner cities 城市中心区的住房问题 * (infml 口) `Will you be able to get me tickets for the match?' `Of course, no problem (ie I shall easily be able to).' ‘你能给我弄到比赛的票吗?’‘当然可以, 没问题.’ * `I can't come to the party.' `Why, what's the problem?' ‘我不能来参加聚会.’‘呦, 怎麽了?’ * [attrib 作定语] a problem novel, play, etc, ie one dealing with a social or moral problem 问题小说﹑ 问题剧(探讨社会或道德问题的) * a newspaper's problem page, iewith readers' letters about their problems, and suggestedsolutions 报纸的读者问题专版.
question to be answered or solved (待答覆或待解决的)问题: a mathematical problem 数学题 * She has found the answer to/solved the problem. 她找到了那问题的答案[解决了那个难题].
> problematic / 9prCblE5mAtIk; 9prBblE`mAtIk/ (also problematical) adj
1 difficult to deal with or to understand 难处理的; 难了解的; 成问题的; 疑难的.
2 (esp of a result) that cannot be foreseen; doubtful or questionable (尤指结果)难以预料的; 有疑问的; 令人不解的. problematically / -klI; -klI/ adv.
# `problem child child who continually behaves badly, does not learn well, etc 有问题的儿童(一贯行为不端﹑ 功课不佳等的).