/ 5praIvIt; `praIvIt/ adj
[esp attrib 尤作定语] of, belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group only; personal 私人的; 私有的; 私用的; 个人的: father's own private chair, which no one else is allowed to use 父亲专用的椅子, 别人一概不许使用 * a private letter, ie about personal matters 私人信件 * private property 私有财产 * a private income/private means, ie money not earned as a salary, etc but coming from personal property, investments, etc 私产所得(由个人财产﹑ 投资等获得而非来自工资等之收入) * private fishing 私人捕鱼活动 * `Is this a hotel?' `No, it's a private house.' ‘这是旅馆吗?’‘不是, 这是私人住宅.’
(a) not (to be) revealed to others; secret 不公开的; 秘密的: I'm not going to tell you about it; it's private. 我不打算把此事告诉你; 这是私事. * That's my private opinion. 这是我私下持有的见解. (b) not liking to share thoughts and feelings with others 不喜欢与他人交流思想感情的: He's a rather private person. 他不太喜欢和别人交流思想感情.
(of a conversation, meeting, etc) with only a small number of participants, esp two, and kept secret from others (指谈话﹑ 会议等)只有少数人(尤指两人)参加并对其他人保密的: I'd like a private chat with you. 我想跟你私下谈谈.
(a) (of a place) quiet and free from intruders (指场所)清静的, 不受侵扰的: Let's find some private spot where we can discuss the matter. 咱们找个清静的地方谈谈这个问题吧. (b) [usu pred 通常作表语] (of people) undisturbed by others; alone together (指人们)不受他人打扰; 无外人: Let's go upstairs where we can be a bit more private. 咱们上楼吧, 那里没什麽外人.
(a) [attrib 作定语] having no official job or position 无官方职务或职位的: She is acting as a private individual in this matter. 她在这个问题上只代表她个人意见. * a private citizen 平民. (b) not connected with one's work or official position 与工作或官职无关的: The Queen is making a private visit to Canada. 女王正对加拿大进行私人访问. * The public is fascinated by the private lives of public figures. 公众对社会名流的私生活具有浓厚的兴趣.
of, belonging to or carried out by an individual or an independent company rather than the State; not state-controlled 个体(经营)的; 私营的; 民办的; 不受国家控制的: private industry 私营企业 * the private sector, ie of the economy 私营部门 * private education, medicine, medical treatment, etc 民办教育﹑ 私人行医﹑ 民间疗法 * a private school 私立学校 * a private patient, ie (in Britain) not on the National Health Service 自费病人(英国不享受国民保健署资助者) * a private pension plan 私营企业的养老金制 * a private detective/investigator, ie one not employed by the police 私人侦探. Cf 参看 public.
> private n
1 [C] soldier of the lowest rank 士兵; 列兵: He enlisted as a private. 他入伍当了士兵. * Private Smith 列兵史密斯. =>App 9 见附录9.
2 privates [pl] (infml 口) = private parts.
3 (idm 习语) in private with no one else present 无他人在场; 私下地: She asked to see him in private. 她请求单独与他见面.
privately adv: The matter was arranged privately. 事情已私下作了安排. * He supported the official policy in public, but privately he knew it would fail. 他在公开的场合里拥护官方的政策, 而在私下里却明白那是行不通的. * a privately-owned firm 私有的公司.
# ,private `company business firm that does not issue shares to the general public 私人公司(不向公众发行股票者); 股份不公开公司.
,private `enterprise management of business byindependent companies or private individuals, as opposedto state control 私营企业.
,private `eye (infml 口) private detective 私人侦探.
,private `member (Brit) member of the House of Commons who is not a minister 普通议员(下议院中非内阁成员者). ,private `member's bill bill presented to Parliament by a private member 普通议员向议会提交的法案.
,private `parts (euph 婉) genitals 私处, 阴部(生殖器).
,private `soldier (fml 文) = private n 1.