3 / praIm; praIm/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth/sb (with sth) 1 make sth ready for use or action 将某物准备好(以便投入使用或起动): prime a pump, ie put liquid in it to make it start working 给水泵注水使之起动 * prime an explosive device, ie set the trigger 使爆炸装置准备起爆(将引爆器置於待触发状态).
prepare (wood, etc) for painting by covering it with a substance that prevents the paint from being absorbed 给(木料等)上底色(以便涂漆).
supply sb with facts or information in advance, sometimes dishonestly, so that he can deal with a situation 事先向某人(有时指以不正当手段)提供情况或讯息(供其采取对策): The witness had been primed by a lawyer. 这证人曾经受到律师的指点. * The party representative had been well primed with the facts by party headquarters. 党代表已经掌握了总部提供的事实. * The witness seemed to have been primed (ie instructed) about what to say. 这证人看来经人指点过该说什麽不该说什麽.
(infml 口) give sb plenty of food and drink (in preparation for sth) 给某人充足饮食(以备从事某事): We were well primed for the journey with a large breakfast. 为了去旅行, 我们早餐都吃得饱饱的.
(idm 习语) prime the `pump encourage the growth of a new or inactive business or industry by investing money in it 将资金投入新的或不景气的公司或行业以刺激其发展.