2 / praIm; praIm/ n [sing]
(a) state or time of greatest strength, beauty, vigour, etc 最强壮﹑ 最美丽﹑ 最具有活力等的状态或时期: When is a man in his prime? 一个人的盛年在什麽时候? * She is past her prime. 她的大好时光已经过去. (b) state of highest perfection; the best part 最完美的状态; 最佳部分; 精华: be in the prime of life/youth 正当年富力强[青春大好年华].
(rhet 修辞) first or earliest part 第一部分; 最早的部分: the prime of the year, ie spring 第一季度(春季).