1 / praIm; praIm/ adj [attrib 作定语]
most important; chief; fundamental 最重要的; 主要的; 基本的: Her prime motive was personal ambition. 她的主要动机是为了实现个人的志向. * Her prime concern is to protect the property. 她最为关心的是保护财产. * It is a matter of prime importance. 此事至为重要. * The prime cause of the trouble was bad management. 造成麻烦的根本原因在於管理不善.
of the best quality; excellent 质量最好的; 第一流的: prime (cuts of) beef 上等牛肉(块) * a prime site for development 最适於发展的场地.
having all the expected or typical qualities 最理想的; 最典型的: That's a prime (ie very typical, excellent) example of what I was talking about. 这就是一个恰能印证我所谈的内容的极好的例子.
# ,prime `cost basic cost of producing or manufacturingsth (ie the cost of materials and labour) not including such additional items as rent and insurance for premises 主要成本(生产或制造所需的基本费用, 包括材料费和劳务费, 而不包括附加费用如场地的租金和保险金).
,prime me`ridian line of longitude which passes through Greenwich near London, numbered zero, from which the other lines of longitude are calculated 本初子午线(通过伦敦附近之格林尼治的经线, 度数为零, 是计算东西经度的起点).
,prime `minister chief minister in a government 首相; (政府)总理.
,prime `mover (a) fundamental source of power for providing movement, such as wind or water 原动力(产生动力的力, 如风力或水力). (b) person who originates a plan, course of action, etc and has it put into practice (计画﹑ 行动等的)发起者, 推动者: He was the prime mover in the revolt against the government. 他是这场反政府叛乱的煽动者.
,prime `number (mathematics 数) number which can be divided exactly only by itself and 1 (eg 7, 17, 41) 质数, 素数(只能被1和这个数本身整除的数, 如7﹑ 17﹑ 41).
,prime `time (in broadcasting) time when the highest number of people are watching or listening (广播或电视的)黄金时间(观众或听众最多的时间): [attrib 作定语] ,prime-time `advertising, `shows, `slots 安排在黄金时间播出的广告﹑ 黄金时间的表演﹑ 黄金时间.