/ 5praImErI; [email protected] -merI; `praI9mZrI/ adj
(a) [usuattrib 通常作定语] earliest in time or order of development(在时间或发展顺序上)初始的, 最早的, 开端的, 起步阶段的: in the primary stage of development 在发展的最初阶段 * The disease is still in its primary stage. 此病尚处於初期阶段. * primary causes 始发原因. (b) (also Primary) of the lowest or earliest series of geological strata 最下面的或最早形成的岩层的; 原生的: Primary rocks 原生岩石.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] most important; fundamental 首要的; 基础性的; 根本的: The primary reason for advertising is to sell more goods. 做广告的根本目的是要多出售货物. * the primary (ie basic) meaning of a word 词的基本意义 * This is of primary importance. 这是最重要的. * primary stress/accent, ie the strongest stress given to a syllable in a word or compound (shown in this dictionary by the mark `) 主重音, 第一重音(标注於单词或复合结构的音节上的最强的重音, 本词典中以‘`’号表示). Cf 参看 principal.
[attrib 作定语] of or for primary education 初等教育的: primary teachers 小学教师. Cf 参看 secondary.
>primarily / 5praImErElI; [email protected] praI5merElI; `praI9mZrElI/ adv mainly 主要地: The purpose of the programme is primarily educational. 演出该节目的主要目的是为了进行教育.
primary n (also primary e`lection) (in the US) election in which voters select party candidates for a coming election (美国)(为大选推举党内候选人而进行的)初选: the presidential primaries 提名总统候选人的初选.
# primary `colour any one of the colours from which all other colours can be obtained by mixing, ie (of dye or paint) red, yellow and blue and (of light) red, green and violet 原色, 基色(指能混合生成其他各种颜色的基本颜色之一, 染料或颜料中的原色是红﹑ 黄﹑ 蓝, 光的原色是红﹑ 绿﹑ 紫).
,primary edu`cation education in the first years of school, for children of (usu) 5-11 years 初等教育(指通常为5至11岁儿童的小学教育).
`primary school 1 (Brit) first school for children of (usu) 5-11 years 小学(儿童年龄通常为5至11岁). 2 (US grade school, grammar school) part of an elementary school, for children of (usu) 6-9 years 初级学校(小学之初级阶段, 儿童年龄通常为6至9岁).