/ prI5veIl; prI`vel/ v
[I] ~ (among/in sth/sb) exist or happen generally; be widespread 普遍存在; 普遍发生; 盛行; 流行: conditions prevailing in the region 该地区的普遍状况 * The use of horses for ploughing still prevails among the poorer farmers. 用马耕作的现象在贫苦农民中仍然十分普遍.
[I, Ipr] ~ (against/over sb/sth) (fml 文) fight successfully (against sb/sth); defeat 战胜(某人[某事物]); 击败: Virtue will prevail against evil. 美德定将战胜邪恶. * The invaders prevailed over the native population. 入侵者打败了土着居民.
(phr v) prevail on sb to do sth (fml 文) persuade sb to do sth 劝说某人做某事: May I prevail on you to make a speech after dinner? 可以请你在用餐後讲几句话吗?
> prevailing adj [attrib 作定语] (a) most usual orwidespread 普遍的; 盛行的; 流行的: the prevailing customs,fashions, style, etc 流行的风俗﹑ 式样﹑ 款式等. (b) (of a wind) that blows in an area most frequently (指风)某一区域里最常刮的: The prevailing wind here is from the south-west. 这里最常刮的风是西南风.