3 / prI5zent; prI`zZnt/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.pr] ~ sb with sth; ~ sth (to sb) give or hand over sth to sb, esp formally at a ceremony 将某物赠予或交给某人; (尤指在仪式上)授予: Colleagues presented the retiring chairman with a cheque/presented a cheque to the retiring chairman. 同事们把一张支票交给退休的主席. * They presented a sum of money to the college in memory of their son. 他们向学院赠送了一笔款项以纪念他们的儿子.
[Tn, Dn.pr] ~ sb (to sb) introduce (sb) formally, esp to sb of higher rank, status, etc 正式介绍, 引见(某人)(尤指向级别﹑ 地位等较高的人): May I present my new assistant (to you). 请允许我(向你)介绍我的新助手. * The custom of young ladies being presented at court (ie formally introduced to the monarch) has disappeared. 年轻女子被举荐入宫(觐见君主)的风俗已不复存在.
[Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.pr] ~ sth (for sth); ~ sth (to sb) offer sth for consideration 将某事物提请考虑: a well- presented analysis 条理清楚的分析报告 * present one's designs for approval/consideration 提出自己的计画呈请批准[考虑] * They presented a petition to the governor. 他们向总督递交了一份请愿书. * She presented (ie argued) her case to the committee. 她提出了自己的理由供委员们考虑.
[Tn, Dn.pr] ~ sth (to sb) (fml 文) offer sth 提出某事物: present one's apologies, compliments, greetings, etc (to sb) (向某人)致歉﹑ 致意﹑ 致以问候.
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ oneself (for sth) (of a person) appear or attend (指人)出现, 出席: You will be asked to present yourself for interview. 将要求你到场面试. * I have to present myself in court on 20 May. 我须於5月20日出庭. (b) [Tn, Dn.pr] ~ itself (to sb) (of an opportunity, a solution, etc) show itself (to sb); occur(指机会﹑ 解决办法等)(对某人)显露, 产生: A wonderful opportunity suddenly presented itself. 突然有了个绝妙的机会. * The answer presented itself to him when he looked at the problem again. 那问题他再一考虑, 答案就在眼前.
[Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.pr] ~ sb with sth; ~ sth (to sth)show or reveal sth to sb 向某人显示某事物: This job presents many difficulties to the new recruit. 这件工作对新手来说困难重重. * Falling interest rates present the firm with a new problem. 利息一下降给公司带来了一个新的问题.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (for sth) offer (a bill or cheque) in order to be paid 提交, 交付(票据或支票): Has the builder presented his bill yet? 营造商把帐单送来了吗? * The cheque was presented for payment on 21 March. 这张支票是在3月21日兑现的.
[Tn] (a) show (eg a play) to the public 公演(戏剧等): The NationalTheatre presents `Hamlet' in a new production. 国家剧院上演新戏《哈姆雷特》. (b) cause (eg an actor) to perform in public 使(演员等)演出: Starlight Productions present the Chinese Children's Choir in concert. 星光剧团主办中国儿童合唱团演出音乐会. (c) introduce (a performance) to an audience in the theatre or (a programme) on radio or television (在剧院中)主持上演(节目); (在广播或电视中)主持播出(节目): Who will present his show (eg on television) while he's away? 他不在场时, 将由谁主持播放他的节目(如电视节目)? * Our review of this week's papers is presented by the editor of `The Times'. 我们的本周报纸要闻回顾由《时代》周刊编辑主持.
[Tn] hold (a rifle, etc) upright in front of the body as a salute 举(枪枝等)表示敬意: Present arms! 举枪敬礼! * The soldiers were ordered to present arms. 士兵们奉命举枪致敬.
> present n [sing] upright position of a weapon in a salute 敬礼时枪枝竖举的位置: rifles at the present, ie with the weapon held in an upright positon 枪枝竖举着.
presenter n (esp on radio or television) person who presents (present3 8c) a programme (尤指广播或电视)节目主持人.