2 / 5preznt; `prZznt/ n
thing given or received as a gift 礼物; 赠品: wedding, Christmas, birthday, etc presents 结婚﹑ 圣诞﹑ 生日等礼物 * This book was a present from my brother. 这本书是哥哥赠送给我的.
(idm 习语) make sb a present of sth give sth to sb as a gift 将某物赠送给某人: He admired my old typewriter so much, I made him a present of it. 他非常喜欢我的旧打字机, 所以我就送给他了. * (ironic 反语) Let's not make our opponents a present of any goals, ie allow them to score easily. 咱们别给对方送分(别让他们轻易得分).