1 / 5preznt; `prZznt/ adj
[pred 作表语] ~ (at sth) (a) (of a person) being in the place in question (指人)出席, 在场: Were you present when the news was announced? 宣布那消息时你在场吗? * The mistake was obvious to all (those) present. 所有(那些)在场者一眼就看出那个错误. * Everybody present welcomed the decision. 出席的人都欢迎那个决议. * There were 200 people present at the meeting. 有200人到会. (b) ~ (in sth) being in a place, substance, etc 存在的; 含有的: He suspected that a leak was present somewhere along the pipe. 他猜疑管道里什麽地方漏了. * Analysis showed that cocaine was present in the mixture. 分析的结果表明混合物中含有可卡因. Cf 参看 absent1.
[attrib 作定语] existing or happening now 现存的; 现有的: the present difficulties, problems, uncertainties, etc 目前存在的困难﹑ 问题﹑ 不稳定性等 * the present administration, government, council, etc 现在的行政当局﹑ 政府﹑ 政务委员会等 * the present climate of opinion 当前的舆论 * You can't use it in its present condition. 照它目前这种情形, 是无法使用的.
[attrib 作定语] now being considered, dealt with or discussed 正在考虑﹑ 处理或讨论中的: the present proposal for increasing taxation 正在讨论中的增税提案.
(idm 习语) present company ex`cepted/excepting present `company (used as a polite comment when making a critical remark 用作发表批评性言论时的礼貌用语) what I am saying does not apply to you 我不是指在座的诸位: People seem to have drunk far too much tonight, present company excepted of course. 今晚大家似乎喝酒喝得太多了, 当然在座的各位除外. the ,present `day the present age; modern times 当今; 现今: After being taken back 200 years, we were suddenly returned to the present day. 我们刚才还处在200年前的历史场景之中, 一下子又回到了现在.* [attrib 作定语] ,present-day `attitudes, con`ditions, `fashions 现时的态度﹑ 条件﹑ 流行款式. on `present form (of a judgement) based on sb/sth's previous and/or current actions, behaviour, progress, etc (指评价)基於某人[某事物]先前的和[]现时的行动﹑ 行为﹑ 进步等的: He would not be elected on present form. 鉴於他的现时表现, 他不可能当选.
> present n
1 the present [sing] (a) the time nowpassing; the present time 当前; 目前: the past, the presentand the future 过去﹑ 现在和未来 * Historical romances offer an escape from the present. 沉浸於历史传奇故事藉以逃避现实. (b) (grammar) = present tense.
2 (idm 习语) at `present at this time; now 此刻; 现在: I'm afraid I can't help you just at present I'm too busy.很抱歉, 我现在帮不了你--实在太忙了. ,by these `presents (law 律) by this document 根据此文件. for the moment/present => moment. no time like the present => time1.
# ,present `participle (grammar) form of the verb that ends in -ing, eg going, having, swimming 现在分词(以-ing结尾的动词形式, 如going﹑ having﹑ swimming).,present `tense (grammar) one of the verb tenses (eg present, present continuous, present perfect) that express an action or state in the present at the time of speaking 现在时态(动词时态之一, 表示说话此时的动作或状态, 如一般现在时态﹑ 现在进行时态﹑ 现在完成时态): The verb is in the present tense. 这个动词使用的是现在时态. Cf 参看 past1 4.