/ prI5skraIb; prI`skraIb/ v (fml 文)
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (for sth) advise or order the use of (esp a medicine, remedy, etc) 建议或吩咐采用(尤指药物﹑ 疗法等); 开(药方): She prescribed some pills to help me to sleep. 她让我吃些药片以利睡眠. * Do not exceed the prescribed dose, ie quantity of medicine to be taken at one time. 勿超过规定剂量(药物的一次用量). * Ask the doctor to prescribe something for that cough. 请医生开点咳嗽药. * (fig 比喻) The doctor prescribed a holiday as the best cure for his depression. 医生认为要治好他的抑郁症最好是去度假. * a prescribed text, ie one that has to be studied, eg for an examination 指定学习的课文(如为应试).
[Tn, Tn.pr, Tf, Tw] declare with authority that (sth) should be done or is a rule to be followed 规定做(某事); 指定遵守(某事物): The law prescribes heavy penalties for this offence. 法律规定对这种不法行为从严惩处. * Police regulations prescribe that an officer's number must be clearly visible. 警员条例要求执行职务者的号码标志必须清楚易见. * Army regulations prescribe how rifles must be carried. 军规中对持枪方式有明文规定. =>Usage at decree 用法见decree.