/ 5pri:mIEm; `primIEm/ n
amount or instalment (to be) regularly paid for an insurance policy 保险费: Your first premium is now due. 你的第一期保险费现已到期.
additional payment, eg one added to wages or interest payments; bonus 额外费用; 津贴; 奖金; 花红: A premium of 2 per cent is paid on long-term investments. 对投资期限较长者可获百分之二的奖励. * You have to pay a premium for express delivery. 你得支付特快投递的补加费用. * [attrib 作定语] Premium rents are charged in the city centre. 市中心要收取额外的租金.
(idm 习语) at a `premium (a) (finance 财) (of stocks and shares) above the normal or usual value (指公债和股票)超过正常或市面的价值; 溢价: Shares are selling at a premium. 股票溢价出售. (b) rare or difficult to obtain, and therefore more expensive or more highly valued than usual 因稀少或难得而较之一般昂贵或宝贵: Space is at a premium in this building. 在这个建筑物里场地面积十分昂贵. * Honesty is at a premium in this profession, I'm afraid! 依我看, 干这一行诚实的人实在难得! put a premium on sb/sth (a) make (sb/sth) seem important 使(某人[某事物])受到重视: The high risk of infection puts a premium on the use of sterile needles. 由於受感染的风险很大, 无菌注射针的使用受到了重视. (b) attach special value or importance to sb/sth 高度评价某人[某事物]: The examiners put a premium on rational argument. 评委们对以理服人的论据给以高度评价.
# `Premium Bond (Brit) government savings bond that pays no interest1(7) but offers instead the chance of winning money as a prize in a monthly draw1(1b) 有奖储蓄公债(以每月进行抽奖代替付息).