(also premiss) / 5premIs; `prZmIs/ n
statement or idea on which reasoning is based; hypothesis (推理所依据的)前提; 假定: Advice to investors was based on the premise that interest rates would continue to fall. 给予投资者的建议是以利率将继续下降这一点为前提的.
(in logic) each of the first two parts (major premise and minor premise) of a forward argument (逻辑学中的)(大小)前提: If the major premise is `Boys like fruit' and the minor premise is `You are a boy', then the conclusion is `Therefore you like fruit'. 设若大前提为‘男孩儿爱吃水果’, 小前提为‘你是男孩儿’, 则结论为‘所以你爱吃水果’. Cf 参看 syllogism.