/ prI5lImInErI; [email protected] -nerI; prI`lImE9nZrI/ adj ~ (to sth) coming before a more important action or event; preparatory (作为某一重要行动或事情的)开端的; 预备性的: after a few preliminary remarks 在几句开场白之後 * preliminary inquiries, experiments, negotiations初步的调查﹑ 实验﹑ 谈判 * (sport 体) a preliminary contest, heat, round, etc, ie held before a main contest in order to eliminate weaker players or teams 预赛﹑ 初赛﹑ 选拔赛 * All this is preliminary to the main election struggle. 这一切都只是进行大选较量的预选活动.
> preliminary n (usu pl 通常作复数) preliminary action, event, measure, etc 初步的行动﹑ 事件﹑ 措施等: the necessary preliminaries to a peace conference, eg the discussions about agenda and procedures 为召开和平会议而举行的必要的筹备会.