/ 5preFEs; `prZFEs/ adj
of great value (and beauty) 贵重的; 宝贵的: the precious metals, ie gold, silver and platinum 贵金属(金﹑ 银﹑ 白金) * precious gems/stones, ie diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc 宝石(钻石﹑ 红宝石﹑ 绿宝石等).
~ (to sb) highly valued; dearly loved 珍贵的; 受到珍爱的: precious moments together 相处在一起的珍贵时刻 * Each life is precious. 生命都是非常宝贵的. * a precious memento of happier times 幸福时日的珍贵纪念品 * She is very precious to him. 她在他心中占着非常重要的地位. * (infml ironic 口, 反语) She talks about nothing except her precious car! 她说话离不开她那宝贝汽车!
(derog 贬) (of language, style, etc) over-refined; unnatural (指语言﹑ 风格等)过於讲究的, 矫揉造作的: poetry full of precious images 尽是挖空心思的意象的诗篇 * a rather precious young man 惺惺作态的年轻男子.
(infml often ironic 口, 常作反语) considerable 可观的: A precious lot of good that will do! 那样做大有好处!
> precious adv (used before little, few 用於little﹑ few之前) (infml 口) very 很; 非常: Precious few people can afford prices like that. 没有什麽人出得起那个价钱. * She has precious little to be cheerful about. 她几乎毫无乐趣.
precious n (infml 口) (used as an affectionate name when speaking to sb 用作表示亲昵的称呼语) dear 亲爱的: What did you say, (my) precious? (我)亲爱的, 你说什麽呀?
preciously adv in a precious(3) manner 过於考究地; 矫揉造作地.
preciousness n [U] quality of being precious(1, 2) 贵重; 宝贵; 珍贵; 珍爱.