/ pri:tF; pritF/ v
(a) [I, Ipr] ~ (to sb) (about/against/on sth) give a sermon, esp in church 讲道, 布道(尤指在教堂中): The vicar preached to the congregation for half an hour. 那位教区牧师向会众讲道半个小时. * He preaches well. 他讲道讲得好. * What did he preachabout/on? 他宣讲了什麽? * He preached against violence.他讲道中宣讲反对暴力的道理. (b) [Tn, Dn.pr] ~ sth (to sb) give (a sermon) 讲(道); 布(道): He preaches the same sermon every Christmas. 他每逢圣诞节都宣讲同一教旨. (c) [Tn, Dn.pr] ~ sth (to sb) make (a religion or teaching) known by talking about it publicly; teach (sth) 宣扬(教义或教条); 教导(某事物): preach the Gospel/the word of God 传布福音[上帝的道] * They preached the new doctrines throughout Europe. 他们在全欧洲宣讲这一新学说.
[Tn] try to persuade people to accept or support (sth); advocate 劝说人们赞成或支持(某事物); 说教; 鼓吹: She preached economy as the best means of solving the crisis. 她大力鼓吹节约是解决危机的关键. * He was always preaching the virtues of capitalism. 他总是宣传资本主义的长处.
[I, Ipr] ~ (at/to sb) (often derog 常作贬义) give unwanted advice on morals, behaviour, etc, esp in a persistent, annoying manner 进行道德﹑ 操守等方面的说教(尤指唠叨﹑ 令人厌烦): I am tired of listening to you preach (at me). 我懒得听你(对我讲)的大道理. * You are in no position to preach to me about efficiency! 你没有资格对我大谈什麽效率问题!
(idm 习语) practisewhat one preaches => practise. preach to the con`verted speak to people in support of views that they already hold 对人们宣传他们早已持有的观点: Telling conservationists that we need to preserve the natural heritage really is preaching to the converted! 向自然资源保护论者宣讲需要保护自然界遗产的道理, 真是多此一举.
> preacher n person who preaches, esp a clergyman who preaches sermons: 说教者; 鼓吹者; (尤指)传道人, 讲道的教士 * a good preacher 善於说教的人 * a preacher famous for his inspiring sermons 以讲道能激励人心见称的传道人.