2 / preIz; prez/ n [U]
expression of approval or admiration; act of praising (praise1 1)称赞; 赞美; 赞扬: high (ie great) praise 高度的赞扬 * courage beyond (ie too great for) praise 无与伦比的勇气 * He received praise from his colleagues for winning the prize. 他因获得该奖而受到同事们的称赞. * an achievement worthy of great praise 值得大加表扬的成绩 * The leader spoke in praise of those who had died for their country. 领导人表彰为国捐躯的人们.
worship (of God); glory (对上帝的)崇拜; 荣耀: a hymn of praise 赞美诗 * Praise be (to God), ie Thank goodness! 谢天谢地!
(idm 习语) be loud in one's praise => loud. damn sb/sth with faint praise => damn1. sing sb's/sth's praises => sing.
> `praiseworthy / -w\:TI; -w[TI/ adj deservingpraise; commendable 值得称赞的; 值得表扬的: a very praiseworthy achievement 值得大大夸奖的成绩. praiseworthily / -TIlI; -TElI/ adv. praiseworthiness n [U].