/ 5pCstFE(r); `pBstFL/ n
(a) [C] attitude or position of the body 姿势; 姿态: an awkward posture 笨拙的姿态 * The artist asked his model to take a reclining posture. 画家要求模特儿取斜倚着的姿势. (b) [U] way in which a person holds himself as he stands, walks or sits 坐立或行走的方式; 举止: She has very good posture. 她举止很优雅. * Poor posture will give you backache.坐姿不好会使人腰背酸痛.
[C] way of looking at sth; attitude 看法; 态度: The government adopted an uncompromising posture on the issue of independence. 政府在独立这一问题上采取了毫不妥协的态度. Cf 参看 stance.
> posture v
1 [I] stand, sit, etc in a self-conscious, exaggerated manner; pose 以不自然的﹑ 装模作样的方式站着﹑ 坐着等; 摆姿势: Stop posturing in front of that mirror and listen to me! 别对着那面镜子摆样子了, 听我的吧!
2 [Tn] put or arrange (sb) in a certain posture(1a) 摆(某人)的姿势: posture a model 摆模特儿的姿势. posturing / 5pCstFErIN; `pBstFErIN/ n [U, C esp pl 作不可数名词或可数名词, 後者尤作复数] (a) standing, sitting, etc in a self-conscious, exaggerated manner 不自然的﹑ 装模作样的站姿﹑ 坐姿等; 摆出的姿势. (b) behaving in an insincere or artificial manner, esp expressingviews one does not really hold 装模作样或故作姿态的行为; (尤指)言不由衷: Her liberal views were soon revealed as mere posturing. 她那些开明的观点很快地就暴露出只不过是做做样子而已. * The electorate is growing tired of his posturings. 选民对他的口是心非逐渐生厌.