/ 5pCstjUleIt; [email protected] -tFU-; `pBstFJ9let/ v [Tn, Tf] (fml 文) put (sth) forward as a fact or accept (sth) as true, esp as a basis for reasoning or argument 假定, 假设(某事物)(尤指作推理或论证之出发点): The school building programme postulates an increase in educational investment. 修建校舍的计画是在增加教育经费的前提下拟定的. * He postulated that a cure for the disease will have been found by the year 2000. 他推断到2000年能研究出治愈该病的方法.
> postulate / 5pCstjUlEt; [email protected] -tFU-; `pBstFElEt/ n thing assumed to be true, or accepted as a basis for reasoningor calculation 假定; 假设; 公设: the postulates of Euclideangeometry 欧几里得几何学的公设.
postulation / 9pCstjU5leIFn; [email protected] -tFU-; 9pBstFE`leFEn/ n [U, C].