/ 5pCsEbl; `pBsEbl/ adj
(a) that can be done 可能的; 可能做到的: It is not humanly possible (ie A human is not able) to lift the weight. 人举不起这样的重量. * Come as quickly as possible, ie as quickly as you can. 尽快来吧. (b) that can exist or happen 可能存在或发生的: Frost is possible, although unlikely, at this time of year. 在一年中的这个时候, 下霜也是可能的, 虽然可能性并不大. * Are you insured against all possible risks?你对一切可能发生的危险都投保了吗?
that isreasonable or acceptable 合理的; 可以认可的: a possiblesolution to the dispute, ie one that may be accepted, although not necessarily the best 行得通的解决争端的办法(但不见得是最好的办法) * There are several possible explanations. 存在着几种合乎情理的解释.
> possible n person who is suitable for selection, eg for a job or a sports team (工作﹑ 运动队等的)适合候选的人: They interviewed 30 people of whom five were possibles. 他们对30人进行了面试, 其中有五人符合候选条件. * a Rugby trial between `probables' and `possibles' ‘预备队员’和‘候补队员’之间的橄榄球选拔赛.
possibly / -EblI; -EblI/ adv
1 perhaps 大概; 也许; 或许: `Will you be leaving next week?' `Possibly.' 你打算下周离开吗?’‘有可能.’ * She was possibly the greatest writer of her generation. 她也许是她那时代最伟大的作家.
2 reasonably; conceivably 合理地; 可以想见地: I can't possibly lend you so much money. 我没有可能借给你这麽多钱. * I will come as soon as I possibly can. 我尽可能早来. * You can't possibly take all that luggage with you. 你绝无可能把所有那些行李都带着.